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A Great Synopsis of Higher Education’s Challenges

Click on the title above (“A Great Synopsis …”) to access this article.  I think you will find it interesting.

Published in April of this year, the experience of many this fall shows the issues identified to be greater, affecting more institutions who were heretofore considered to be higher in the food chain.  While I see a lot of challenges out there, I believe there are solutions to meet those challenges.  The question is whether institutions are open to new ways of thinking or if salaries and benefits will continue to erode to make the budget balance.

When I was in the corporate world, it was common for one of the top sales people to make the most of anyone in the organization.  Sometimes, the heavy hitters, festooned with gray hair an a rolodex full of “friends” made more than the CEO.  The reason is simple; without sales, the organization fails.  Without good margins on those sales, a slow death occurs.  Any organization needs good people to get tasks done.  Every organization needs the best sales people.

So, why is it that higher education uses recent graduates who are paid very little to recruit new students; students who will not just pay the fall semester bill but may be with you for seven additional semesters?  It seems as though the paradigm lacks something.

And, while we’re on this topic, if it has been shown that Mom is a primary influencer in the college decision, why aren’t there more mom-aged women working in direct contact with prospective students and their moms (and dads)?

I say send counselors out on the road less and hire on mom-aged professionals with solid sales experience who can seal the deal with the student and their family on the campus visit.  And pay them like they are responsible for your entire revenue stream.  Because … well … they are.